The basic aim and objective of any website is to get as many targeted viewers as possible and to reach out to as wide a target audience as possible. Search Engines can greatly enhance the reach of your website. Organic Searches are a great way to bring visitors to the website but in order to appear on these search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. you need to submit your websites to these mega websites.


In order to make your site appear on Search Engines, the first step is to get your website’s ownership verified by these Search Engines (other Steps can be found here). You need to tell the Search Engine that you really are the owner of the website that you want to submit. This is a really essential step as only then you will be able to proceed further with the process of ranking your website better on Search Engines. Each Search Engine has its own webmaster where you have to submit your website for a better chance of appearing in the searches. Procedure for verification of your site for Google is as follows:


  • Go to Google Search Console by clicking here.
  • Sign in on Google with your Gmail ID and then click Start Now.
  • On the next screen you will see 2 options. Under the domain, write your website’s address.
Google Search Console - Domain / URL Prefix
Under Domain write your Website’s address
  • A pop-up window titled “Verify Domain Ownership via DNS record” will open.
Google Search Console - Verify through DNS
This Screen will pop up
  • Copy the TXT record as mentioned in the window.
Google Search Console - Copy TXT
Copy the TXT
  • Now open the Control Panel of your website and go to Zone Editor under Domains Section.
Cpanel - Zone Editor
Click Zone Editor
  • Now click on Manage and then Add Record
Click Manage
Click Manage
Add Record
Click Add Record
  • Under the Name, write your website’s address such as
  • Don’t change the TTL but change the Type to TXT
  • Now paste the TXT code you copied from Google Search Console and click Add Record.
Adding a New Record
Add Name, Change Type and Paste TXT Code that you copied
  • New Record will show at the bottom of the page.
  • Go Back to Google Search Console and click Verify.
  • Google will then try to verify the ownership. If it is not verified straight away then wait for some time and do it again. It should verify if you have added the TXT code correctly.
  • Once your ownership is verified, you will see your website’s name in the top left hand corner of your screen.
Google Search Console - Verification Done
Verification is Done – Your Domain Name will be showing in the top left corner of your screen
  • You have now told google that you have a website that you want the world to see.

The Procedure is really simple and very easy to do if you follow it properly. After Verification of your ownership, the next step is to create Sitemap for your website.


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