Why you should choose an All Inclusive Resort for your next Vacation

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Vacations mean different things to different people. Some Travelers enjoy cramping up their time by doing as many things/activities as possible and making the most of their time while others might go for a relaxing approach and will keep all their time to pamper themselves. You will find people on both sides of the fence.

There is no hard and fast rule to travelling. Each of us is looking for something different when it comes to the reason for travelling. Some might say that they are paying hefty amount of money so might as well do everything that their destination has to offer, others will say this is the only time they get to relax and hence do as little as possible rather then enjoy the beach, the sun or go for a massage.

You will also find people who will take both types of vacations. While some try to balance it out in a single long trip. For people who like to keep it slow and steady, it could be challenging to select the best suitable destination for their holiday trip. One option that you should consider would be to go for an all inclusive resort at the destination of your choice that has such resorts available.

What is an All-Inclusive Resort

An All-Inclusive Resort is a Vacation resort setup in which the guests have to pay a fixed amount of fee per day and they can enjoy all the facilities at the resort without any additional charge. This includes accommodation, all the meals, entertainment facilities, Swimming Pools, Gym and most if not all other activities the place has to offer. The place will cater to your 24 hour needs without paying any additional surcharges. Some special activities / things (like drinks) could be for additional charge but they will be clearly mentioned. For example, water sports or special massages could be for additional charge.

All Inclusive Resort for your next vacation

There are different types of all inclusive resorts for different types of vacation interests. Some are for Adults only where as others are more geared towards families having a good time. These all-inclusive vacation resorts are usually found in warmer parts of the world. You can find many such resorts in Caribbean Islands, Mexico, Turkey, Thailand, etc. Following are the reasons you should consider going to an All-Inclusive Resort.

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The reasons why you should be going for a place like this are:


Usually, such resorts are designed in such a way that gives you all sorts of convenience and facilities in one place. The main aim for all-inclusive hotel is to keep you engaged within the hotel premises at all times. You don’t need to go out of the place to have a great time, they have it all there for you. You get to stay in your resort and relax as much as you want for as long as you are staying.

Time to Relax at All-Inclusive Resort

The hotel will provide all the luxuries right there for you. Usually our normal life routine is so tiring and hectic that we don’t get the time to rest and look after ourselves but here you can actually freshen up your mind and go back refreshed to your daily life. With so much going on in your day to day lives, a destination like this can give the peace of mind we really deserve. This change of mind is really needed to keep one charged and fresh.

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Throughout the world this concept of all-inclusive resorts is being appreciated and has gained some pretty positive feedback. The reasons are pretty clear, this idea has made everything available for you under one roof. To make sure the guests do not feel bored, there are numerous sports and other activities. Facilities / Activities usually include:

  • Swimming Pools
  • Private Beach
  • Spa and Sauna
  • Gym
  • Sports Arena
  • Entertainment Areas / Theatres
  • Badminton Courts
  • Table tennis Courts
  • Golf / Mini Golf Course
  • Football Courts
  • Cinemas
  • Board games
  • Water Park / Theme Park
  • Children Play areas
  • Water Sports


One of the best reason to stay at an all-inclusive resort is that this is rather economical. Although when you are booking an all-inclusive resort it looks very expensive but it is actually not because you are not adding the additional costs associated with your day to day travelling.

For example, When we are booking for any hotel (other then all-inclusive) we only know the cost of our accommodation; what we don’t know is the cost associated with following:

  • Cost of Meals / snacks that you would eat
  • Activities / Tours that you will book will also cost you a lot
  • Cost of transportation to and from your hotel to the tours / activities that you are going to do

If you add all these costs to your hotel booking than I am sure it will cost you considerably more then what you will be paying for an all-inclusive resort.

All-Inclusive resort is going to take care of all your food requirements. All the meals including snacks, coffees, etc. are included in your stay. Staying at an all-inclusive resort is also going to be easy on your schedule. You get to save a lot of commuting time because you don’t have to go anywhere. By doing that you save a lot of money that you would have paid to taxis or other modes of transports. Here all you have to do is hop on from one activity to another within the resort. Furthermore, you don’t even have to carry your wallet around as everything is already paid for.


If you plan ahead and book your all-inclusive resort much before your travel dates than you will get much less rates then normal. These resorts also have annual discount sales sometimes, so you can avail that as well. During off-season times you can even get 50-70% discounted rates as well. So planning ahead could save you some valuable funds to be utilised elsewhere in your trip.

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Before you finalize the all inclusive resort that you are going to be staying at, it is always better to do some research. If you are somebody who enjoys an active and lively night life then the resort should be chosen according to your requirements. A lot of all inclusive resorts make sure they keep the fun going 24 hours and hence, they have night clubs, movie theaters, bars, cafes and even some restaurants operating at night.To make it even more entertaining, there are planned programs (like singing and dancing) also arranged for the guests to enjoy at night time. Most of them arrange stage shows and concerts as well. Therefore, it is always a better idea to find out the exact activities and facilities the resorts are going to present you with so that you make the most of your time.

Night Life at All-inclusive Resort
Vibrant Night Life at All-Inclusive Resorts


It is very hard these days with our busy routines to spend time with the family. After all, spending time with the family is what gives us the pleasures in life and creates wonderful memories. An all-inclusive resort will give you the platform to have great family time as you don’t have to leave the place and so all your family will be staying together in the same place. Family bonding will be strengthened further when all the family members will enjoy the activities available at the resort. This is one of the most important reasons as to why you should choose an all-inclusive resort for your next vacation.


It is obvious that you will get to be around so many families and couples that are going to be staying in the same resort as you. Staying in the same hotel 24/7 with the same people creates a family like atmosphere. You get to see them everywhere in your stay and it gives a sense of bonding and could be a reason to create good rapport with them. You will make some new friends. This is usually a very pleasant and safe feeling and makes your stay very comfortable. On top of that, the hotel staff would make sure all the guests are well involved in all the activities and with other guest members, which further helps in creating a completely friendly environment.


If you are worried about travelling with your infant or toddler as to how you are going to manage with all the diaper changes, nursing, toilet use after every half an hour, then these all inclusive resorts are the right place for you for your vacation. This is because you will have access to your room at all times. There’s no need to find spots for nursing or searching for restrooms at every place. It is also considered safer than any other holiday spot generally.

People with kids would totally understand the amount of hassle and effort it takes to move with the little ones from one destination to another. You need so much planning to end up actually enjoying the holiday with kids. So here’s a piece of advice, decide wisely and go for a relaxing and calm all in-one place. Additionally, if you get to be at a place that has full on entertainment planned for the younger ones, there are great chances your kid will enjoy and be happy and thus making you happy and content. It will create a Win Win Situation! This alone is reason enough as to why you should choose an all inclusive resort for your next vacation.

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No matter where you go in the world, every place has its unique essence and allure. Planning to visit a place where you can go for an all inclusive resort has its own charm. It is a totally new and different experience as here you actually get to relax. Packing your bags, leaving your home with the intention of enjoying your vacation to the fullest, and visiting a place where you can feel very comfortable and easy, would definitely be a unique and memorable experience.


If you love to travel and are fond of exploring new and innovative places then this concept of all-inclusive resort as your next vacation destination is what you need to choose. Whenever possible this should be in your bucket list. Whether you are travelling with your partner, or family or even with friends and acquaintances, it would be a healthy treat giving you the much needed break in life, with lots of fun. And this is why your next vacation destination should be at an all inclusive resort!

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