Quality of Hotel or Central Location, What to Choose?

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Most people when travelling, want to get the maximum out of the money they are spending and that goes without saying that they want to have the most fun. They look for the best hotels in the best locations, best food spots, activities and shopping etc.

In an ideal world one would want the best quality of hotel to stay in the most central location of the city they are travelling to but that is for people with unlimited budgets and not for most of the travellers. Most Tourists have a pre-set budget for their travelling and in that budget they have to decide which area and hotel to stay in.

It is no secret that in any city’s downtown or central area the hotels are going to be expensive. The better the hotel in these areas the higher their rates will be. The same quality hotel in any other less mainstream location will cost considerably less. In fact the lesser quality hotels in the main areas are going to cost the same as some of the good ones outside the central zones. Travellers have to choose and they have to choose wisely as their whole vacation depends on this one decision.

Quality of Hotel or Central Location
Quality of Hotel or Central Location! What to Choose?

Pros & Cons of Quality of Hotel or Central Location, What to Choose?

With the above in mind, we are going to analyse the Pros and Cons of choosing either of the two options.

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When you are travelling you want to spend your time as best as possible by fitting in loads of activities in your itinerary because you have limited time available for vacation and lets face it, the longer time you spend on vacation the expensive it is going to be. Keeping in mind all the factors, following are the Pros and Cons of Selecting Quality of Hotel over Mainstream Location:


COST EFFECTIVE – 5 star hotels will cost you the same as 3 Star Hotels in Central Locations.

ROOM QUALITY – At the end of your tiring day you want to get some much needed rest and the rooms in better hotels are going to be much more relaxing and comfortable then lesser quality hotels in the main areas.

QUALITY OF SLEEP – Better Hotels mean better rooms with better Mattresses and hence better quality of Sleep. Better Sleep will rejuvenate you for the next day.

HOTEL FACILITIES AND ACTIVITIES – As the Hotel is better and has more things to do, you can have more fun at the hotel. Better hotels have the most of the following if not all of them:

  • Swimming Pools
  • Parking Space
  • Restaurants
  • Baby Cots
  • Sauna
  • Spa / Wellness centre
  • Beauty Salons
  • Room Service
  • Security Deposit Box
  • Sound Proof Rooms
  • Car Hire
  • Performance Shows / Entertainment Facilities
  • Children Play area


TRANSPORT COST – As the hotel is away from the central area, you will have to use some sort of transport to reach the central area and that is going to cost you more. Cost of Taxi, Bus, Tram, Metro or even private car will have to be paid to reach the central locations.

TAKES MORE TIME – It takes time to commute from the hotel to the downtown area and hence you have to keep a check on the amount of time it takes for you to go and come back to your hotel. Any form of transport will take at least 15-20 minutes minimum to reach the central location. Hence Although you are saving money but you are wasting valuable time.

LESS OPTIONS TO CHOOSE – Even for a small snack you will have to commute far and with that in mind you would want something that is near your hotel, that takes away all the choices you would have if you were located in the main area. All the restaurants, shops and activities will be relatively far off.

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Now we dissect the pros and cons of choosing Better Location as compared to the quality of the Hotel. Basically the Cons of above are the Pros of choosing Location over Quality of Hotel and vice versa.


SAVES ON TRANSPORT COSTS – When you choose a Hotel in the central area, you save on transport costs as most of the tourist attractions, shopping and food are available within the area and so you just have to walk around.

SAVES TIME – When everything is nearby and you don’t have to use the transport system, it saves you a lot of commuting time. You get to spend more time on the activity itself then by wasting your time in reaching the place and going back to your hotel. Even if you have to go by transport to any place the main location is more convenient as it is in the central zone.

VARIETY OF OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM – In the main areas of any city, there are variety of options available be it shopping, food, activities, history, traditions, cultures etc. When all the things are within walking distance then you have a lot more to choose from. Usually the best options are found within the main areas of any city.


EXPENSIVE ACCOMMODATION – Hotels in the central zones are usually expensive then the ones found outside the mainstream areas. To offset the additional costs, tourists on a budget might be tempted to go for hotels with less facilities as they might be of the same rates as some high quality hotels outside the central location.

NOISY ROOMS – Central Locations are usually crowded in almost every major city and because of that the noise levels in the streets are on the higher side. Your hotel room might get a bit noisy because of it which might affect your sleep.

TRAFFIC – As stated earlier the central areas are usually crowded that means a lot of traffic at all times. Hence you need to plan accordingly for things like your flight or a tour etc.


You will find people on both sides of the corner. Different things work for different people. You just have to decide what works for you. One should try and find the right balance between the quality of hotel and make sure that it is not far from the central location. That way you get to save a little bit of time and money and at the same time enjoy the hotel facilities. It is entirely on your priorities whether you choose the quality of hotel or central location of hotel.

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