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There is no doubt about the fact that this world is full of fun and exotic places where people dream to travel. When travelling with children, a great amount of planning and commitment is needed. It requires a lot of thinking when you are choosing your travel destination especially when your children are going to be accompanying you. Every place has its own uniqueness that people want to explore and experience. More or less every country wants to attract tourism and for that they try to create unique concepts and places within their country that would interest the tourists so that people would want to visit.

One such concept is of going on an All-Inclusive Cruise Ship for single or multiple nights. It might seem tedious and stressful to take your kids on a Cruise. You might think how you are going to fare with all your kids needs in a closed environment where you are cut off from the land or you might feel you are going out of your comfort zone or taking your kids out of their comfort zones when going on a cruise.However, going on a holiday trip at a cruise ship with children is definitely a safe and sound decision that you can opt for. Modern day Cruises are very much children friendly and if planned properly can definitely turn out be a fun trip.


Cruise is a large ship that usually travels from one port to the other carrying a certain number of passengers in it. It is basically designed like a hotel, where they try to accumulate all sorts of facilities for the convenience and entertainment of the people travelling in it. Cruise could be for a day or could be for more then 10-15 days too. The Itinerary of every cruise is preset barring any unforeseen circumstances. Hence, you can choose which ever cruise ship fulfills your plans to the maximum depending on the number of days or the port of calls or the staterooms whatever your criteria might be.


The concept of All-Inclusive fits perfectly for cruises. Every thing is already paid for and you just have to enjoy the facilities made available for you. All the meals, all the entertainment shows, most of the drinks are all available in the package. Which cruise you want to go on and for how many days will always be an option available depending on you. Every cruise is popular for its own reasons. Passengers spend their days in the cruise and enjoy it just like they do at any hotel with all sorts of activities available to them. It is one of the best holiday spot for the tourists. There are various sorts of activities available for the guests in any cruise ship. Some ships have all of these while others have some of these following facilities:

  • A huge variety of restaurants
  • Movie Theaters
  • Entertainment Shows
  • Swimming Pools
  • Cafes and Bars
  • Ice-Cream Parlors
  • Salons
  • Massage points
  • Sports Complex
  • Shopping Arena
  • Spa and Sauna
  • Casinos 
  • Kids Play Area
  • Theme Park

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Kids love to go on a cruise. The non-stop entertainment activities on a cruise are loved especially by kids. They tend to enjoy the cruising experience to the maximum. All their needs are fulfilled on a cruise so they get to have the best of time. The prime planning factor when taking your kids on a cruise is to know the essentials that you need to be packing keeping in mind you are going with your children.

Make Life Easy by Packing these 9 Things for a Cruise with Children
Kids Love to go on a Cruise


One question that every parent has in their mind when going on a cruise with children is, ‘WHAT TO PACK?’ well, there is no hard and fast rule. Every parent knows what their kids needs are the best, but here is a guideline for you to see if you are missing out on something.

What you should be packing when going for a cruise with your children is a tricky ordeal because once you are on a cruise you will be staying there for as many days as per your package and you wont be able to just go out and buy the stuff if you forget to pack it. You should pack your child’s bag smartly to be able to enjoy your time in Cruise to the fullest. Following are the essentials that you should consider packing when going on a cruise with children:


Travelling with kids is not an easy task and if you are going on a cruise then it requires immense amount of effort and planning before even starting the trip so as to be able to enjoy it to the fullest when the time actually comes. One essential is to prepare a separate bag for your children. Put all their things in one place in an organised manner so that you shall find it easily whenever required. For kids, parents have to be exceptionally patient specially when travelling.

There will be times when out of the blue your child needs something and won’t budge until he has it, it could be a toy or anything, if all his things are in a single place it would be easier for you to take it out rather then looking in all the bags and loosing your patience. Hence, it is always a good idea to make a separate bag for them keeping all their stuff in it to save yourself the time and energy. Make sure you have the following essentials in the bag depending on your kids ages:

  • Formula Milk (enough to last the whole cruise) / Normal milk should be available but you should keep a couple of days milk just in case.
  • Feeding bottles
  • Diapers to last the whole cruise
  • Lots of clothes
  • Baby Bath Set (Shampoo, Bath gel, Towel, Massaging Oil, Lotion)
  • Washcloths
  • Medicines (Take all the necessary medicines with you)
  • Pacifier
  • Blanket
  • Accessories according to the demand of the weather (for example; jackets and caps for cold weather and sleeves tops and slippers for warm weather).

Not all things will be needed for your kids depending on their ages. You are the best judge of what is most important for your kids and hence take that along.


Where you will be packing a proper separate bag for your child for the entire stay at the cruise it will be a good idea to keep a small bag for him too that you can carry around the cruise while enjoying the activities there. This way you would not have to go to your room again and again for the basic things that your child might be needing throughout the day. Things like his bottle, milk, diapers and a video game / toy can be carried along in that small bag. For this you can keep a mini handy bag with you, a cross body bag for instance, and keep your child basic necessities in it.

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One of the major attractions of the cruise is the lavish swimming pools that are built in it. Mostly all kinds of tourist cruises have several sorts of swimming pools made in them. From deep water swimming pools to cold and hot water pools to kids pool, usually you will find multiple pools in any cruise ship.

Swimming Pools in Cruises
Most Cruises have multiple Swimming Pools

They try to add the most fun filled rides and slides to the kids pool making it more tempting for the younger lot. Hence, swimming is a pivotal part of cruising and for this reason it is absolutely essential to pack proper and comfortable swimming costume for your child. This item is a must keep when packing for cruise with children. For little babies who are not toilet trained there are special diaper costumes available that you can buy. This way parents don’t have to be concerned if there are any accidents in the pool. If you are travelling in a winter season then check if your cruise has a heated indoor pool.

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This is hands down one of the most useful item one should carry with them when cruising. It is a life saver in a lot of situations for parents. Kids don’t have the same energy level as the grown ups. There will be times when they will be super active and enthusiastic and then there will definitely come a point when they will be drained out. They won’t have the same vibrancy as their parents to keep moving for the sake of the trip. As they are away from their homes and their very comfortable routines, they could get tired and cranky, even sleepy at the wrong time but then they are just kids. Therefore, what parents can do is keep a simple solution with them at all times, and that is, a stroller!

Most cruises are stroller friendly and you will not find it difficult to push the stroller around within the cruise.


Don’t forget to take few of your child’s favorite toys with you when packing for a cruise. No doubt a cruise is a large ship with several activities to keep you and your child busy and entertained for days, but then kids are kids and sometimes what only works for them is their own little stock of toys that they are used to playing with. Therefore, it would be a wise choice, if you could pack some of the comfy toys for them for their pleasure and yours.

In a cruise, they usually give you schedule for the whole day everyday with activities and shows mentioned according to time slots. Sometimes there would be a play that you must not miss and sometimes just a nice formal musical evening is what you might look forward to. It could be anything that interests you and might not attract your child the same way. In such situations, if the kids have their favorite toys with them, it would just keep busy while you enjoy your time.

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Lets face it! Most Children are moody. Sometimes they like the food that is being offered to them and sometimes they put forward a total rejection towards the offer. In a situation like this where you are travelling on ocean and are so far from the land, the last thing you want is your child going on a hunger strike. You should stock up your bags with a variety of your child’s favorite food items.

It doesn’t mean you have to prepare any meals and get into the hassle of packing and protecting them from spilling. Just keep easy, safe to pack snack items with you for the child that could come to your rescue when you are cruising. When a child doesn’t want to eat simply anything that is available to him at that point of time, you might just want to control the situation by surprising him with his favorite snacks.

Children need energy to keep moving, they can have random hunger times and cranky spells and if you are going to spend so much amount of money on the trip to make it enjoyable and memorable, then you definitely want them to be energetic and eventually happy. Hence, these small things do make a difference and help you save the situation.


These are belts that are designed to keep your toddler with you wherever you go or vice versa. specially for crowded places. This is a very helpful item which can let you relax considering the fact that you don’t have to worry about the little one suddenly running away somewhere and disappearing.

You can tie this belt with your wrist and with the child’s wrist. The child will not be able to go further then the belt’s length, hence, saving you from running everywhere with the child. Cruising with a toddler could be fun and yet very tricky at the same time. The fear of losing your child in a ship when you are totally surrounded by water is just too much. You would want to be a hundred percent sure that he is always in front of your eyes. Specially outdoors in a cruise, it could get risky as you would not want your little one to lean against the balcony.

So to save yourself the panic, it would be a good idea to wear the belt with your child. Therefore, this should be in your packing list for sure. You can find all sorts of these belts on Amazon here or you if you want to buy a cheaper option then you can order from Ali Express by clicking here. Keep in mind that Ali Express takes a lot of time to deliver (can take anywhere from 30-60 days), so only order from Ali Express if you have ample time but it will save you a lot of money.

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Almost every Cruise ship has swimming pools, which means you and your little ones are going to take a dip in it. It is always a good idea to keep a good sunscreen with you as the Sun combined with the wind full of sea water is sure to do some damage on your skin.

Many people take cruises in the summer season so as to enjoy the sun and the pools with the family. Hence, getting a good sunscreen is, therefore, an essential if you are packing for a cruise. It will be handy in protecting yours and your children’s skins. Moreover, such cruises also tend to stop at different destinations where you are likely to spend some time on the beach. It would be advisable to keep the sunscreen with you at all times.

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There are several activities offered at the cruise for the passengers to enjoy, some of which are sports activities. these could include;

  • Zip lining
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Table Tennis

Make sure you pack a pair of very comfortable shoes for children for cruise so that they could actively participate in these fun activities and make the most out of their trip to the cruise. Furthermore, it is only better if kids only wear comfortable shoes instead of the fancy difficult ones, so that they don’t get to complain of any sort of rashes or even injuries due to wearing them and losing their balance.


When travelling with kids, you might feel like for a cruise you have to be packing simply anything and everything for children and the list never ends making the suitcases jam packed with necessary and unnecessary stuff. This is a simple list of the essentials that you should pack when cruising with your little bundles of joy. It could help in making sure that you and your child don’t miss out on any of the fun that you deserve to have when you are on a cruise ship.

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