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Does the idea of travelling with a baby scare you? How will I manage the flight with a child? What if he falls sick? What if he doesn’t accept the change? These are some of the many questions that concern the new parents while planning a trip abroad. As difficult and unmanageable as it may sound, it is actually not if few of the important guidelines are taken care of.

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is RELAX! many a times only the idea itself could be so strenuous that it doesn’t let you plan things in the first place, let alone giving it a practical shape. with a calm and peaceful attitude you can plan things very well and actually enjoy the time with your little one while travelling. Use the following guideline to have an amazing trip:


  • Plan out everything beforehand
  • Must haves for the baby
  • Stuff for the Flight
  • Bassinet seat
  • Favourite toys
  • Travel stroller
  • Hotel room
  • Kids friendly tours
  • Entertainment for baby
  • Changing rooms


The best advice anyone can give you while travelling is to plan everything out before leaving for your trip. From the confirmed flight seats to the most appropriate hotels, to the airport transfers, to the places you want to visit, each and everything should be well scheduled and worked out. Basically a well organised itinerary is what you need in your situation. You should know beforehand the weather of your particular destination and the area you would be staying in. This will not only save you a lot of your time over there but will also be your best friend throughout your tour. Travelling with baby could be a tricky thing to do, but with a well calculated draft, you could actually avoid all the hassle and trouble out there.


This has to be the prime factor of concern, the must haves for travelling with a baby! Make a list of all the things that you would be needing in your entire trip and make sure to keep them all with you. Some of the basic things that you will need are:

  • Take extra sets of clothes for the baby
  • Extra feeding bottles
  • Bottles cleaning items
  • Medicines for the baby
  • Extra Diapers
  • Pacifiers
  • Baby Blanket
  • Swaddle sheets
  • Caps, Mittens, Socks and Jackets( if the weather is expected to be cold, if not take one just in case)
  • Baby Bath items (for e.g. Bath Gel, Shampoo, Oil and Lotions e.t.c.)
  • Portable Car seat
  • Baby carrier
  • Nappy bags
  • Towel for the baby
Take lots of stuff for the baby
Take lots of stuff for the baby


While you are going to do your best to pack all the must haves for your little bundle of joy, there is one more element that you need to take care of, that is, a hand carry baby bag for the flight. This has to be one of the most important essentials for travelling with a baby, How the parents are going to manage the child in the flight is definitely something that can give parents a headache and having all the important basics in handy at that point in time plays a very pivotal role in taking care of the whole situation in a positive way. The items that should be there in your hand carry baby bag should include:

  • Sufficient amount of milk
  • Baby food
  • Extra set of clothes
  • Bibs
  • Painkillers for the baby (just in case you need them)
  • Extra bottle (if the flight is long)
  • Baby’s favourite toy
  • Extra Diapers
  • A set of warm clothes, as the air-conditioning in the plane could be too cold for the child

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Bassinet Seat is the life saver for you with your child in the flight, specially if its a long one, It is an essential thing that can give parents some rest during the flight. It is designed for infants to lie down during the flight. It is more like a carry cot where you can easily put your baby while you are sitting on your seat. Holding the baby throughout the flight and keeping him on your lap for hours could be a tiring thing for both you and your baby. Hence, it is best to get bassinet arranged for him for the flight. All you have to do is to request for a bassinet seat while booking your flight tickets or it can even be done at the boarding counter and you get to spend all those hours of the flight in peace.

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Kids growing up will always have something from which they take comfort from. It could be a toy or a blanket or anything. In their cranky moments these toys help calm the baby down. So it is always a good idea to keep those toys in your bag and take them along with you to console the baby. It will really come in handy when the baby has had enough and is not willing to accept anything. These toys can then come to your rescue and save the moment. Hence, this is one of the essentials for travelling with a baby.

Always take the kid's favourite toy along - Essentials for travelling with a baby
Always take the kid’s favourite toy along


When you are travelling, it is quite obvious you’ll be doing a lot of walking and outdoor activities. Carrying the baby will make you all tired really quickly. Therefore, it is recommended to carry a travel stroller. It should be easy and lightweight so that it acts as a rescuer and not as an added burden on you. Travel strollers are easily available in markets. Make sure you get the one that can recline as well because then the baby will also be able to sleep in it. Buying a good travel stroller is a worthy investment and could save you a lot of your time and energy. An additional benefit of carrying a stroller along is that you can also hang your stuff like shopping etc on the back of the stroller. Hence, it is one of the essentials for travelling with a baby. I personally would recommend this stroller from Amazon.


There is no doubt in the fact that travelling with a baby could mean carrying lots and lots of additional stuff with you and to keep all that stuff you need to have a good spacious room with ample amount of space to put your luggage. The last thing you would want on your trip would be to find yourself in a mess. While booking your hotel, it is highly recommended to check for the following:

  • The measurements of the room. If it is under 18 square metre than it might not be for you. (room size details can be found on the booking websites)
  • Baby cot or Crib or Extra Bed
  • Size of the Bed if Cot is not available as queen size bed might be two small for you, your partner and the baby.

Make sure to request for a baby cot or the baby’s bed at the time of booking the room. The child will need his own space to sleep or just simply to relax and baby cot will do the job just perfectly. After a tiresome day, you would also want to lay comfortably on your bed without having to be extra careful about the kid. Hence, getting it arranged in your room is definitely a must.


Visiting another city or country could be very exciting for anyone. You want to explore the best sights and get your hands on the best adventures the place has to offer. However, doing so with the little one could be a little strenuous. Well, that does not mean that you cannot go for it. Do a little bit of digging into the tours you would be heading for. Choose the tours that best suit your situation, for instance; theme parks, city bus tours, sightseeing tours, aquariums, zoo, just to name a few. You can check children friendly tours for your trip from here.


Before you could get a hang of anything you’ll find yourself in a situation where you will realise your baby is bored already. This could be a terrifying situation for you where your foremost concern would be to think of ways to overcome this dreadful situation. How are we supposed to move ahead with the trip? or what if the child doesn’t stop crying? Has all our time and money been wasted? Should we not have better planned a trip with the kid in the first place? and many more such questions can arise in your mind. The key here is to keep the child busy and entertained at all times.

A piece of advice here would be to carry your child’s favourite gadget, like, tablet or iPad with you with his favourite videos downloaded in it. Video games can also play a vital role in keeping the child occupied. Moreover, you can also save his favourite songs and nursery rhymes to keep him amused. if your child is happy, you are definitely going on the right path.


Usually all the places, like, shopping malls and other tourist spots have the facility of changing rooms where parents can easily take the child for nursing or changing their diapers whenever needed. Mothers rooms are also socially designed to give the mothers a comfortable space to easily sit and feed the baby. Making use of these facilities can make the trip very painless and trouble free. Just make sure to ask the staff of that particular place to let you know if they have this facility or no. Be sure to have the baby diapers and wipes with you at all times.

Mothers Room
Look out for this sign

Travelling with a kid should not restrict you from doing anything, In fact you can plan out everything in such a way that it can give you a completely new and adventurous flavour. What could be better than having your little one right next to you when you are out there to explore the world. Don’t let anything stop you!

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