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Online Shopping is the trend these days. People don’t really have the time to go for shopping and hence prefer to shop online. Why go for shopping when you can get things delivered to your home and most of the time without any additional cost.

The rise of Online shopping has been no short of monumental in the last decade or so. The likes of Amazon, Ebay and AliBaba have been the pioneers in this ever increasing industry.

You can even shop from another country and get the product delivered to your home. What best would it be if you could get all those Chinese products delivered to your home without having to go anywhere.

It is no secret that you can find all sorts of products in China for every little thing you can imagine. You name it they have it. If you could get your hands on these products that could make your life easy wouldn’t it be the optimal scenario.


Enter AliExpress, the place where you can purchase even a single product and get it delivered to your home anywhere in the world. Most of the time the delivery is free and where it is not free the charges are absolutely minimal (e.g $1-2).

How to Shop from AliExpress
Beginner’s Guide on Why and How to Shop from AliExpress

AliExpress is an online retail service based in China. It is owned by the AliBaba group. AliExpress started in 2010. The beauty of AliExpress is that there are loads of small businesses that are willing to ship products even for less than $1. AliExpress is primarily geared towards international customers and will deliver the product anywhere in the world.

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How to Shop from AliExpress

The procedure to shop from AliExpress is as simple as it gets.

Following are the steps you need to follow:

  • Search for the product you are looking for by writing the name of the product or category in the Search Box.
  • If you don’t have a specific product in mind, you can just go through the main page or the categories mentioned on the left side of the screen.
  • Once you have selected a product to purchase, you will then have to choose the specifications like these:
    • Ships From: Choose from China or if they have any other option that is near your location then choose that.
    • Select the Color if applicable.
    • Choose the measurement if applicable.
    • Choose the Product specification if applicable.
    • Select Quantity.

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  • Once you are done selecting the Product Specifications, the next thing is to select the shipping method. By default the cheapest option will show or if the delivery is free than that will show. If you want to change the mode of shipping then click on the shipping method, it will open a bunch of other options (as shown in the picture below) from where you can select your desired shipping method. If you choose the expensive option then the product will be delivered quicker.

Shipping Options
Various Shipping Options

  • After Selecting Shipping Method, Press Buy Now if you are done for the day.
  • Or Click on Add to Cart if you want to look for other products.
  • As with all the other online retail shops you will have to create an account where you will give your details such as Shipping Address etc.
  • You can either create an account by providing them with email address or you can just simply click on any of the social media icons to use your account created with them.

Create Account or use your Social Media Accounts
Register a new Account or use any of your Social Media Accounts

  • Give your Shipping Address and Provide your payment details.
  • There are a lot of payment options provided for your convenience. Choose one and give your details to confirm the order.
  • Once you place the order you will get a confirmation email from AliExpress that your order is confirmed.
  • Your work is now done. The Seller will now ship the product within the allotted time and you will receive the product within 30-60 days.

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Why should you shop from AliExpress

Getting the product delivered to your home in 30-60 days seems quite late but if you look at the benefits you are getting then the waiting is worth your time. Following are the reasons why you should shop from AliExpress:

Refund Policy

AliExpress has a very lucrative and good Refund Policy. If due to any valid reason your product has not reached you, then the Seller is liable to pay the refund to you. All you have to do is open a dispute. AliExpress makes sure that the right decision is made and refund is given to the buyer as per the entitlement.

All the payments are handled by AliExpress and hence their decision is final and the buyer gets the refund without any delay.

Open a Dispute

You can open a Dispute if your product has not reached you within the specified time frame or if the product is not as per the order or if the product is faulty. Do this by going onto AliExpress website or App and click on the order and then click on Open Dispute.

You will have to fill in the information as to why you want to open the dispute. Fill the amount of refund you want to claim, be it full or partial. After your offer, the seller will have the option to either accept your offer or give his counter offer within the given time frame. If both the parties cannot come to an agreement within the dispute time frame then AliExpress will step in and will give verdict according to the case.

Dispute is opened mostly due to the product not reached and usually the refund is given back to the buyer in full.

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Order Processing Time for Shipment

Once you give the order. The Seller then has to process your order and ship it to your address. That time is called Order Processing Time. This is a time given to the seller to ship the product. If the seller fails to do so then the buyer will automatically get the full refund.

You can check the Order processing time by going to the orders page and clicking on that particular product.

Buyer Protection Period

Buyer Protection Period is the period in which the buyer can open a dispute. By default this Buyer Protection Period is for 60 days from the day the product is shipped.

If the product has not reached the buyer within the buyer protection period than the buyer can open a dispute and can get full refund. Buyer can even ask the seller to increase the protection time if it is running out.

You can check how much time is remaining by going to your order page and clicking on the particular order.

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Wide Variety of Products to Choose From

As stated earlier, you will find products ranging from tech gadgets to clothing to hardware to almost anything. You name it and they have a wide variety of options available and that too in very inexpensive rates.

You will be surprised by the amount of variety you will find and the rates you will find. The best part is that they are willing to ship products worth even less than $1.

Worldwide Delivery

No matter where you are. You can shop from AliExpress and get the item delivered to your home. AliExpress is widely used in Asia and Europe, especially in Russia. It is gaining popularity in USA and UK everyday and more and more people are now shopping from AliExpress.

Once I ordered a product worth $0.45 and it was delivered for free all the way from China to my home in Pakistan.

Products Shipped as Gift

If you are wondering that you will have to pay custom duty for importing the products then that is not the case as the products are shipped marked as gifts and so you don’t have to pay any custom duty on it.

Word of caution: Some times your parcel is opened at the port and your country’s custom department can ask you for custom duties but usually that is not the case.

Shipment Tracking

AliExpress has the facility for tracking shipment and you can check where your parcel is by clicking your order details.


Most Stores on AliExpress offer coupons that will give you discounts on your purchases. Even AliExpress gives coupons for discounts. So it is always a good idea to check if there is any coupon available from the store you are purchasing.


There are various sales during the year where you can get the products you love at heavily discounted prices. Black Friday, 11-11, AliExpress Anniversary and New Year Sales are all such examples.

User Friendly Website and App

The AliExpress website is as user friendly as it gets. If you have ever used an online shopping website before, than AliExpress Website is no different. If anything, it is more user friendly than the others.

Similar to the website there is an AliExpress App as well that you can download on your phone or tablet and use it to shop from AliExpress. The App is also super easy to use and very much user friendly. You can download the app by clicking this link.

Things to look out for

As with everything in this world there are a few things that you should be wary about.

Shipment Time

As stated earlier, you will receive your parcel within 60 days which is quite a lot. However, if you have time at your hands than ordering from AliExpress will save you a lot of money. Sometimes the products that you can get from AliExpress are only available there and not anywhere else, so buying from AliExpress and waiting for your parcel is worth the wait.

Quality of product

Sometimes the quality of the product you will purchase will not be the same as if you would have bought a branded one, but the price difference is such that you might even buy 3-4 pieces from AliExpress for the price of 1 branded product.


In a nutshell, choosing to buy from AliExpress is a no brainer. You should buy from AliExpress without a shadow of doubt. The wide variety of products available for purchase at such low prices and that too with a great refund policy should be enough to tempt you to buy from AliExpress.

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