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When you are travelling you would want to plan every little detail ahead. Research is the key to planning. If you are here than that means you are on the right track.

The more research you do the better chance you have of having maximum fun. Nobody wants a stress filled vacation. Everybody wants a nice, comfortable trip that they can do at their own preferred pace.

Airport transfers are a real headache if not planned properly. Most people just take a Taxi and go to their destinations. What they don’t know is that if they do some research, they can save some considerable amount of money. That money can be utilized elsewhere on the trip. If you are planning a trip to Istanbul, it is the same.

Taking a Taxi or a Private Transfer to reach your hotel is going to cost you a lot. Luckily, there is a shared transfer service that will do this job at very economical rates and is called HAVAIST Shuttle Bus Service.

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Havaist Shuttle Bus Service is a Shared Airport Transfer Service that takes you to and from New Istanbul Airport to various designated stops all over popular destinations within Istanbul.

The Havaist Shuttle Service runs after every 30  minutes and there are 105 buses, so you don’t have to worry about missing a bus. You can take the bus from the airport towards the city or from the city towards the airport. The biggest advantage of using Havaist Service is that it is really economical, convenient and easy to use.


The Havaist Service runs to the popular tourist destinations within Istanbul. Tourists are mainly concerned with going to and from Taksim and Sultanahmet area and the service runs towards both areas.

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You can now book the Havaist Service online which makes it a lot more convenient for people to use. Now tourists don’t need to go into the procedure of purchasing the Istanbulkart which was the only mode of payment previously. Now Users can just purchase a ticket online and use it to reach their destination stop. Here’s how you can purchase the ticket online:

  • Select the number of Passengers and the date of Travel.
  • Next choose from if you want to take the bus from New Istanbul Airport towards the City or from the City towards the New Istanbul Airport.
  • Select your desired option and add that option to the Cart.
  • If you want to book return transfer as well, you can just go back to previous screen and book the return for your desired travel date.

  • After selecting the options, you can checkout or see more activities (You can book almost all the tours online from the website).
  • After selecting your desired tours you can press checkout.
  • In the next screen, fill out your billing details including your Name, Country, Cell Number and Payment Details. If you are purchasing the tickets for someone else then remove the check from Same as Billing Details and add the details for the main Traveler.
  • After you are done filling out the details, press Proceed to Payment.
  • Once you are done with the payment, you will then get the online voucher in the form of QR Code ticket.

  • You will get this QR Code ticket voucher in a separate email from the local partner. If you can’t find the email in your inbox then check your junk or spam folder.
  • You have the option to Print the QR Code Voucher or you can just save it on your phone to show at the bus platform. TIP: Download the ticket before you go to the bus platform as there might be internet connectivity issue.
  • That’s it you are done. Now all you need to do is to go and take the bus to your destination.

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You should keep in mind the following important points:

  • HAVAIST Shuttle Bus Service only runs to and from New Istanbul Airport that is on the Eastern side of Istanbul. It does not work from Sabiha Gokcen Airport yet. There is a different Bus Service called HAVABUS Service that runs from Sabiha Gokcen. Havabus only goes to 3 stops within the city.
  • The Online QR Code Ticket is valid for 1 whole day that means you can take any one transfer on HAVAIST Bus between 6:00 AM to 11:55 PM. Ticket is valid for one way only and can only be used once. Once it is scanned, you cannot use it again.
  • Select the right option. If you want to go from the Airport to the City than choose that option and vice versa if you want to take the bus from City towards the Airport.
  • There are no hidden expenses or costs associated with using the service.
  • Luggage space is included with the ticket.
  • Free Cancellation up to 24 Hours before the day starts. Check the tickets for Cancellation Policy.

Once you are done purchasing the ticket the question then becomes how to use the Havaist Service.

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From Airport to City

For a detailed step by step procedure, you can also read our other post:

The Procedure is as follows:

  • At New Istanbul Airport, Exit the Arrivals gate and go down to Level -2.
  • At Level -2, look out for the stop where you want to go and wait at the respective seating area.
    • For Taksim take IST-10
    • To go towards Sultanahmet and Eminonu take IST-20
    • For Besiktas take IST-5
    • To go towards Yenikapi and Aksaray take IST-1Y
    • For Kadikoy take IST-7
  • When the Bus will arrive, You need to give your luggage to the attendant and make sure he puts it in the luggage compartment of the bus.
  • Hop on the bus and scan the QR Code Voucher ticket by yourself or if you are having difficulty just give your ticket to the attendant to scan.
  • Once your ticket is scanned, go to any seat and wait for the bus to start.
  • When your stop will arrive, it will be announced.
  • Get off the bus and take your luggage.
  • If your hotel is at a walking distance from there, just walk from there or you can take a taxi if it is not at a walking distance. There are taxis available at the popular stops.

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From City to New Istanbul Airport

The procedure is the same when you want to come from the City towards the New Istanbul Airport. Here is how you can take the bus from city:

  • Go to the nearest HAVAIST Stop from your destination. You can find the details of stops here.
  • Wait for the Bus to arrive.
  • Give your luggage to the attendant.
  • Hop on the Bus and scan your ticket.
  • Take a Seat and wait for the airport to arrive.
  • The attendant will ask you if you want to go to International Terminal or Domestic Terminal. Let them know if you have a domestic or international flight.
  • Get off at your desired Terminal and go to the Departure Gate.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your flight is from NEW ISTANBUL AIRPORT and not from SABIHA GOKCEN, as the HAVAIST service only goes to NEW ISTANBUL AIRPORT. If you are unsure, consult the attendant and show them your ticket. They will guide you if you are on the right track.

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For Sabiha Gokcen Airport, you can take the HAVABUS. You can find the procedure for using Havabus service in our other post.


Following are the Google Maps locations for popular tourists stops where HAVAIST Shuttle Bus stops:

  • At Taksim the HAVAIST Stop is here.
  • At Sultanahmet the HAVAIST Stop is here.

For further information regarding time schedule and your designated stops, visit here.

This is how you can book your Havaist Bus Ticket online.

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