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Ever wondered what its like to go on a magical desert adventure? Are you looking for some exciting Dune Bashing on a 4×4 vehicle? Or go on a bumpy camel ride in the desert like the Arabs? Experience the mesmerizing Belly Dancing in traditional Arabic costumes? Or bedazzled by the enchanting Fire shows? You can do all this and more along with a buffet of authentic Arabian Cuisine in a camp in the middle of the Dubai Desert!


Dubai is the hub of everything wonderful. You name it they have it. Be it sky diving or be it snow experience, they have it all. You can climb the top of Burj Khalifa or you can see the Water Fountain Shows. There is a lot of things you can do in Dubai. No wonder people from all over the world visit Dubai to have the best time of their lives.


When you will look for desert safari tours in Dubai, you will be bombarded with so many options that you will get confused which one to choose from. They will range from dirt cheap to very expensive. The cheap ones will have fewer options whereas the premium ones will obviously have more activities provided in them.

The main features for the Desert Safari tour in Dubai you should be looking for are as follows:

  • Pick up from your Dubai Hotel and drop off at the same location.
  • Dune Bashing on a 4×4 Vehicle.
  • Quad Bike (Premium Activity – Optional)
  • Camel Rides
  • Belly Dancing
  • Tanoura and Fire Shows
  • Buffet Dinner with Veg and Non-Veg options

A good tour company will provide you with all of the above activities with Quad Bike optional. What you need to look for is a reliable tour operator that provides you with all the above activities but at an economical rate. This is where many people get confused.

Most people will just go to the travel desk of their hotels and book the tour with whatever price they are quoted. A little research will save you a lot of money.

Following is the tour that I would suggest as I have personally done the tour with them and found it to be amazing and the most economical.

Dubai: Desert Safari, Camel Ride, Dinner, and Quad Option

This Desert Safari Tour in Dubai is both economical and has it all. Here’s how you can book it online.

  • A new tab will pop up. Scroll down and select the number of participants and the date of the tour that you want to choose.
  • Select the Starting time of the tour and also select the option of with or without quad bike. (Don’t worry if you have selected the option of without quad bike. You can always purchase the quad bike tickets separately at the tour site i.e. if you want to do it)
  • Next, you can click on the Add to Cart button if you want to add some more tours or Book now button if you want to checkout.

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  • On the next screen, check the tour details along with the date and starting times. Once you are ok with everything you can provide your personal details like name, email, contact number etc.
  • You have the option to provide the pick up location now or you can also add it later on. This will be the hotel address from where you will be picked up from and drop off to after the tour.
  • Click on continue and then provide the payment details to finalize the booking.
  • Once it is done, you will receive an email with the booking reference number. Take the screenshot of the email and booking reference number and that’s it! you are done.

Now wait for the date of your tour to have the unique experience of an adventure on Arabian Desert.


Here’s what to do or what will happen on the day of your Desert Safari tour in Dubai.

Few hours before your pick up time the tour representative will contact you on your phone and will give you the approximate time of your pick up from your Hotel.

You will have to wait in the lobby for the driver to pick you up. The driver will identify himself and will ask for your booking details. Once all that is sorted you will then sit in the 4×4 vehicle from your hotel.

A ride of about 40-50 minutes depending on the location of your hotel to the desert area is expected. Along the way you will get to see some camels on the sides of the roads.

Your first stop will be for the quad bikes. If you have selected the quad bike option then you will get to experience the quad bikes on the Dubai desert. If you have not selected the quad bike option but would like to do it then you can purchase the ticket right there at the ticket station.

Quad Bike - Dubai Desert Safari Tour
Quad Bike – Dubai Desert Safari Tour

For people who have not selected the quad bike option they can just chill out and relax. There is a shop with traditional clothing items that you can shop from. There are restrooms available on the site as well.

The driver of your vehicle will deflate he wheels of the 4×4 for dune bashing. After about 45 minutes you will then be escorted back to your vehicles and from there your Dune Bashing experience will start. Buckle up your seat belts because the ride will get really bumpy. The drivers are really experienced and they will take you on a ride like you have never experienced before. You will experience the desert to its fullest. Everywhere you will see there will be desert sand and you will be in a 4×4 vehicle that will be bashing dunes like a roller coaster.

Dune Bashing - Desert Safari Tour in Dubai
Dune Bashing – Desert Safari Tour in Dubai

The driver will then stop the vehicle at the top of one the dunes and will get you a surfboard. This will be a very good opportunity for you to get some pictures taken. You can also do some dune surfing (included with your tour) to get the authentic taste of the Dubai Desert Safari.

After that you will sit in the vehicle again and will go through some more dune bashing. You next stop will be at a station where you can get some refreshments while the driver will inflate the wheels of the vehicle. There will be washrooms available at the site as well.

From there you will head on towards the camp where you will get to see the entertainment shows and have your buffet dinner. Outside the camp there will be free camel rides for you to enjoy. You will be escorted in your vehicles to the camp.

Camel Ride - Dubai Desert Safari
Camel Ride – Dubai Desert Safari

The camp setting is as mesmerizing as it can be. In the middle of the desert you will get to experience proper Arabian Camp setting. You will be served with dates and Arabic Kahva.

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The shows will then start. First the Traditional Tanoura Show then the mesmerizing Belly Dancing in Arabic Costumes and finally the Fire Show.

You will then have the opportunity to have buffet dinner (included in your tour). Soft Drinks are also complimentary. There will be other vendors selling specialized items.

Picture with a Falcon
Get your picture taken with a Falcon

Free Henna for ladies is also available at the camp and there will be a shisha lounge for shisha lovers to enjoy some free shisha. If you want shisha on your table then there will be additional charges.

Once you are done with everything, your driver will then take you and drop you back to your hotel after about 6-7 hours since the starting time.


You have the option to choose any tour but the reasons why this tour is recommended are as follows:


The biggest advantage probably of selecting this tour is the price difference. I went to the Travel desk of my hotel and they were asking for AED 370 per person whereas I got the tour online for about AED 100 per person with the same features.


If for any reason you decide that you don’t want to take the tour, you have the option of Free Cancellation as long as you cancel the tour 24 hours before the tour date. This gives you peace of mind that you can plan your itinerary accordingly.


At the time of writing this article the visitor reviews of this tour are 5/5 which is perfect. This means that everyone who went to this tour had the most amazing experience.


Your driver will also be your tour guide who will tell you everything about the experience and try to make your journey extra bit comfortable. Guides are multilingual and they can speak English, Arabic and Hindi / Urdu.


The driving skills you will get to witness will be exceptional. The drivers are so expert that their dune bashing will make you breathless and you will be like how is that even possible. Its like a roller coaster in a vehicle.


Arabic Cuisine in a traditional Arabian camp setting is just too good to pass on. Try the Hummus or the traditional Arabian Sweets or have some Arabic Coffee or Kahva. All these included in your buffet.


As mentioned above a simple google search will show you hundreds and thousands of Desert Safari Tours in Dubai. Don’t get confused, your goal is to choose the one that is reliable, offers you most activities and is economical at the same time. The Tour mentioned above ticks all 3 boxes.


Dubai is full of attractions! Chances are you need to take a tour or ticket to enjoy these attractions. Click on this link to check out all the tours operating in Dubai.

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