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Does it seem impossible to you to keep your child away from the Technological Gadgets and Devices? Does it take forever for you to get his hands off of it? Keeping children away from these kinds of Digital Devices is an ongoing non-stop struggle almost all parents go through in today’s time.

As easy and peaceful the idea of keeping your child busy through the use of these gadgets may sound, the consequences are indeed harsh. It is one of the toughest challenges you come across in your journey of raising your child.

There are all sorts of gadgets and devices available these days that people of all ages are just engrossed in. The effect of these things is that the real interaction with people becomes less and less and you lose all the time in using these little gizmos. Using these tablets, cell phones, video games etc. or watching videos and cartoons all the time can become an addiction if not kept in check.

Kids of all ages these days are just fond of these technological advances and most of the free time they have, they just love to utilize it by using these devices. This is becoming a real problem for most of the parents and even teachers of how to keep the child away from these technological gadgets and devices.

Watching TV - Technological Gadgets and Devices
Too much TV can be detrimental for your kid’s eyesight


Here are a few ways to make sure your little one doesn’t get too engrossed in this habit of using Cell Phones, Video Games, Tablets or watching videos and cartoons etc. all the time:


If your child is too much into watching Cartoons or Videos or playing Video Games, or in any way addicted to the screen of no matter what gadget, it is your responsibility to keep them in check. If you think that stopping your child from this addiction is going to lead them into negative or cranky behavior then you need to stop being scared of your child. You have to maintain a strict “No more than allotted time” policy. 

The best thing to do would be to let them know the maximum amount of time they can watch the screen in a day.  Let them choose the time slots but you should be the ones setting the maximum time per day. By allowing them to choose the time slot of their choice, you will build confidence in the child that he is making the decision himself and thus wouldn’t be showing tantrums as they would be if the choice is taken away from them.

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All cell phones have alarms and everyone has their phones with them at all times. You can restrict the screen time for your kid by setting Alarms. Lets say you set an alarm for 30 minutes. Once the Alarm rings, the kid will know that the time is up and will have to give up the video he was watching or the game he was playing. Make sure you follow the rule strictly and maintain your word.

Initially it might create a rift between you and the kid but soon they will know that this rule is to be followed if they want the device for the next time.


The more brighter the video is the more pressure it will put on the kid’s eyesight. Make sure that the brightness is according to the surrounding light. Too much brightness will put too much pressure on the kid’s eyesight.

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If the child is not listening to you and want more screen time even after the allotted time, you should then just keep the gadget out of his reach. The Child should know that once the time is over no matter what tantrum he throws, he will not get the phone or video game back. If they love to watch TV then you can hide the remote control. Just make sure the device is unavailable.


Making your devices and gadgets password protected can also be a great way to make the kid know that they cannot just pick up the phone and start using it. It also ensures your privacy as you have all your data in your phone. Whenever the kid has to use your phone they have to ask your permission.


Meal time is usually found to be the most challenging time for a parent. When it comes to feeding the child their food, the child is ready with hundreds of tantrums as soon as he is presented with his meal. What has usually worked for most of the parents at that time is the use of a gadget or device that keeps the child entertained and busy, making it easy for them to make him finish his food. Even though it gets extremely easy for the parents to feed the child their meal with the use of these electronic devices, the bitter fact attached to it is that this is the most dangerous habit you can inculcate in your child.

The child can get totally dependent on it which is not healthy. As parents the best thing to do is to not let your little one be dependent on anything. Once he gets into the habit of watching his favorite videos or playing games while eating, he will consider it his right to demand the gadget first and then go about eating.

Let him know that he will not get to use the devices when it is time to eat. It would be a sort of achievement for you if u are able to do so. Hence, if you as a parent are successful in keeping your child away from the screen time at meal times, half your job is done right there.

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You should try to sit down with your child and talk to him nicely and peacefully, let him understand the negative impacts of prolonged screen time. Most parents just simply implement the rules and get too strict without giving any explanation to the child as to why a certain decision has been made. This works negatively in the mind of the child. Try talking to your children about the harsh effects it can have on them, that include:

  • Too much pressure on the eyesight
  • Extra pressure on the brain
  • Less physical activity could make them lazy and over weight


Sometimes there is a lot of peer pressure on your child. If other kids are playing video games that are trending or watching a popular cartoon, they are helpless. They have to go with the flow. This is when you have talk to your kids and introduce the concept of reward and punishment in them. If they listen to you and keep distance from the electronic gadgets then encourage them by giving them rewards. Reward could be like a box of their favorite chocolates. It could be anything that makes them happy.

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Similarly if they don’t abide, give a small punishment, like not taking them to their favorite play area.This way a concept of reward and punishment will be created in them. They would think twice before making a decision of whether to listen to you or not. This in turn would, to some extent, help in keeping them away from the screen time.

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How does a child end up getting so engrossed in using the electronic devices? The answer is simple, he has plenty of free time to spend on something. As parents we can always try to be creative. Try to introduce different types of activities for kids to keep their hands full and their routines busy. Try to create activities where they also get to learn something and do something constructive. You can involve them into a lot of productive things which might include:

  • Playing with Constructive Toys where they have to use their cognitive ability
  • Doing some DIY activities (Do It Yourself). This is basically the concept of trying and making things yourself. For example a Halloween costume or some toy out of old toys.
  • Doing Art work (painting, coloring etc)
  • Encourage them to do household chores with you and make it fun for them. This will enable a sense of responsibility in them
  • Playing musical instruments
  • Cooking with assistance (try to make easy simple recipes like fruit salads or jelly)

Simply try and work with new ideas and concepts. Make the activity as easy and interesting as possible. If you can manage to keep your child hooked with things like these, he would hardly have any free time left to go looking for the screen.

Make them play Constructive Games
Give them Constructive Toys


Encourage outdoor activities by taking them to the play grounds. This way the child will get Fresh Air which will be very fruitful and will refresh their minds. It will also make them stronger as they will be doing some physical activities. Spending energy will also make them hungry and thus will make your meal time a little less stressful. The kid will not be restless as well and will sleep easy after he gets to spend time in the fresh air.

You can also enroll them in sports academies where they can even learn how to play sports and make friends at the same time. If you can inculcate this habit of physical activity in your child, chances are they will continue this for the rest of their lives. You can enroll them for Gymnastics, Football, Tennis or any such activity where they can physically express themselves.

This step will actually make the screen time a lot less for your child as they will come back from the activities all tired and won’t have the extra time to play all those video games.


The best gift you could give your children is YOUR TIME! You have to give your child the confidence that you are always there for them. Children need distraction from their own little problems, like boredom or a fight with a sibling. A Child is more likely to turn towards a video game or cell phone if they are not getting enough attention.

Giving them attention will not only lead them closer to you, but will also keep them away from screen time. You can do this by playing with them or having story sessions. What ever works for you, you just need to spend time with your kid. Don’t let the gadget be their friend but become one yourself. Give them confidence that whenever they are having some problem, they can always come to you.


There is nothing in this world that a parent wouldn’t do for the betterment of their child. Every parent does their best to inculcate healthy habits into their children and keep them away from the ones that can have damageable results. If you are successful in getting your child at a distance from these gadgets. You can consider it to be an achievement, a job well done!

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