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Istanbul is famous for many things, be it Museums, Historical Shopping Places like Grand Bazaar or Spice Market, Mosques like Blue Mosque or the fact that you can visit two continents within the city but perhaps the most beautiful aspect of Istanbul is the Bosphorus.

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Istanbul is one of the very few cities in the world to be shared by not one but two continents i.e. Asia and Europe. It means that part of Istanbul is in Asia and the other part is in Europe. Very few cities in the world enjoy this privilege. This remarkable feature of Istanbul makes it an important city in the region.

Istanbul is famous for the Bosphorus. The Bosphorus, also known as Bosporus Strait, forms part of the continental boundary between Europe and Asia. It is also called the Strait of Istanbul. A Strait is the natural made narrow waterway that connects two larger bodies of water. In the case of Istanbul it connects the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara.

What makes Bosphorus so amazing is that the waterway is navigable. That means that ships and boats can pass through the narrow strait with Asia on one side and Europe on the other.

It is the World’s narrowest strait that is used for international navigation. That is one of the reasons that Istanbul has always enjoyed the status of being significantly important in terms of Geographical Location in the Region.

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Many people go to Istanbul just to marvel at the natural beauty of Bosphorus. There are boats of all sizes ready to give tourists a tour of the strait at all times.

There are even government operated ferries that you can take to reach from one point to another but that is mainly used by locals who are just travelling for their day to day commute. If you want to take the whole scenery in, than you have to take a tour of the Bosphorus on a boat or a cruise.


There are various ways you can take the tour. Some Tours come with Lunch, some with dinner, while others will only give you a boat ride to take in all the beautiful scenery. Tours with Lunch or dinner often come with entertainment included in them as well. You can check other Istanbul Tours here.

If your only priority is to enjoy the boat ride and nothing else then you can take the boat from various piers within the city. Some will offer an hour long rides while others will go for couple of hours. Usually they will start and stop at the same spot. Boats are run almost every hour till night time.

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Pass under the Bosphorus Bridge on Bosphorus Dinner Cruise with Entertainment
Pass under the mesmerizing Bosphorus Bridge

The Istanbul Bosphorus Dinner Cruise with Entertainment is by far the best tour there is, if you want to enjoy the Bosphorus. You can marvel at the night sky and the vibrant lighting of Istanbul and enjoy lavish multi course dinner with views second to none. You will also have the privilege to enjoy luxurious entertainment program that will include Folk and Belly Dancing.

Most people prefer this tour because after a day full of exploring the wide array of activities that Istanbul has to offer, you get the chance to relax and catch your breath and have some wonderful time in the evening with delicious food, scenic views and amazing entertainment.

The Tour needs to be pre-booked as the Tour operators have to make the arrangements. This tour is run all year long and various tour operators have their own luxury boats / cruises that they take people on.

Word of Caution: Not all Tour Operators have a luxurious boat and amazing entertainment. So it is always a good idea to do some research and look for positive and negative reviews about the tour operator on the internet. Usually people who are offering huge discounts and offering the tour at way less then market price have usually got such issues. Hence prior research about the Tour Operator is always recommended.


Follow the steps mentioned below to book your Bosphorus Dinner Cruise with Entertainment Online. Salient Features of why you should book this tour are discussed after the steps.

  • Scroll Down and Select the number of Participants.
  • Select the date that you want to book the tour for and after that choose your language. By default the language is set to English. You can choose from one of four options.
    • English
    • Arabic
    • Turkish
    • Spanish
  • Click on Add to Cart and proceed to the next screen.
  • Recheck the date and number of people and if correct then click on Checkout.
  • On the next screen, give your Billing Details. Provide the following:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email
    • Country
    • Mobile Phone Number

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  • If the details provided are for the same person who will take the tour then put a check to the same as billing details. If not, then provide the details for the person who will take the tour instead of you.
  • Enter your Pickup address. Pick and drop from your hotel from European side of Istanbul is included in the tour price.
  • If you have not booked your hotel yet then you can provide the details later by putting a check on the Add Details Later check box below the map on the screen. Make sure the hotel is located on the European side of Istanbul.
  • Let the Tour Operators know if you have any dietary restrictions due to health concerns. If you have any then click “Yes” and provide details. If you don’t have any then click on “No”.

  • After that, select the payment method that you would like to use. You have three options to choose from:
    • Make the payment through Paypal.
    • Pay through Debit or Credit Cards.
    • Make payment through Google Pay.
  • If you don’t want to receive promotional emails about Tours then tick the checkbox next to Don’t send promotional emails.
  • Click Proceed to Payment and make the payment.
  • You will then receive Voucher confirming your booking. Save the confirmation voucher on your phone or get it printed. Confirmation through Voucher on the Phone is sufficient to avail the Tour.
  • That’s it! You are done. Now all you need to do is wait for the date to arrive and enjoy the tour.

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All the details regarding how to avail the tour will be mentioned on the confirmation voucher. Approximate Pick up time from your hotel will also be mentioned on the voucher. You need to be available in your hotel lobby and once the tour operator arrives, show them the ticket on your phone or if you have it in printed form. They will take you in a van along side other fellow tourists who have also booked the same tour to the designated Pier from where your Dinner Cruise will start.


Following are the Salient Features of why you should be booking this tour online here rather then going over there in Istanbul and looking for the perfect match with your priorities. Not only will it waste precious time of yours that could have been utilized in exploring Istanbul but it will also be confusing as many people will be offering the same tour at different prices and you wont have the time to research each and everyone of them right there on the spot.

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CANCEL FREE UP TO 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE – The best feature of booking this tour is that you have the advantage of cancelling the tour anytime without incurring any cost. Just make sure it is done at least 24 hours before the activity starts (Istanbul Time).

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You will get to experience Top quality entertainment onboard. Watch Live Folk Dances from different regions of Turkey. Be seduced by the sensual moves of a belly dancer, and relax to international music by the on-board DJ.

Enjoy Belly Dance onboard
Enjoy Belly Dance onboard
(Picture Source:


Sail past the important Istanbul Monuments and Marvel at the beauty and significance of them. Enjoy the Vibrant night views of Istanbul while enjoying the entertainment provided by onboard crew. You will get to see the following during your tour:

  • Pass under the Bosphorus Bridge and the Fatih Sultan Mehmed Bridge
  • See the Palaces of Ottoman Sultans like:
    • Dolmabahce Palace
    • Ciragan Palace
    • Beylerbeyi Palace
  • See the Fortifications of Ottomans like:
    • Rumeli Castle
    • Anatolian Castle
  • Watch Istanbul’s Legendary Night Life by passing Night Clubs like:
    • Reina
    • Sortie
  • Marvel at the Waterside Mansions and Villas on the coasts.

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Upon entering the Boat, you will be given a welcome cocktail . A luxurious 3 course meal is included in your Tour that you can enjoy along with some on the house local drinks (wines, beers, spirits and soft drinks). You get to have the following food and drinks onboard:

  • A Welcome Cocktail
  • Wide variety of Starters, Fresh Seasonal Salads
  • Main Course options include (You have to choose one):
    • Grilled Fish
    • Grilled Chicken Steak
    • Vegetarian Meal
    • Grilled Meatball
  • Unlimited local alcoholic drinks and Turkish Coffee.


The Tour duration is approximately 3.5 – 4 Hours. The Cruise starts at 8:30 pm. This gives you ample time to enjoy the Bosphorus and the entertainment to the maximum.

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If you don’t have the printing facility available to you when you are booking then no need to worry. You can just show the ticket on your phone and that will be accepted. This means that you can book the tour anytime from anywhere without having to worry about the logistics of printing and keeping the ticket safe and with you all the time.


Pick and Drop from the Hotel is included in the tour package but only from the European side of Istanbul and not from the Asian side. Pick up is usually


The ride of the Bosphorus will be on a Top quality Luxurious Yacht that will have all the facilities available on board.

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The tour is wheelchair accessible hence if you require a wheelchair just ask the crew beforehand or mention it when you are booking.


If you search on the web, there are hundreds of satisfied customers who have put in a good review about this tour.


If you are visiting Istanbul then taking the Istanbul Bosphorus Dinner Cruise with entertainment is a must. It will give you a taste of everything that Istanbul has to offer. From Traditional dances to local food to breathtaking views to passing by lavish palaces and fortifications.

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