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If you have a website, than chances are that you will run into many errors from day 1 and while most of them will be easily handled; there are still a few that can bug you for quite some time. You will need a lot of time, research and effort to resolve the issues you will face.

Errors can range from small to big, but no matter the size and significance of the error it needs to be rectified for the website or e-commerce store to work efficiently and properly. E-store owners and website owners often lose sleep if the error is recurring and they don’t find the solution. Until they find a solution they cannot rest. This is the nature of operating a business in a cut-throat online market where if you blink an eye you can lose your business or market share to your competitor. One such error that I faced was this one:

“The Image Code is incorrect! Try Again!”

I did a lot of research but couldn’t find anything on the matter but rather every other webpage pointed me to image uploading problems on WordPress which wasn’t my problem. I managed to finally crack it myself but it took me some time.

In order to see if you are facing the same problem or not, here is the background first.


The E-Commerce Store on which I faced this error is setup on WordPress through the use of WooCommerce and the Theme that I am using is Storefront Theme.

This error is encountered when the customer or the admin logins through the “My Account” Page or from the “Checkout” Page on your E-commerce store. Upon entering the login details on the screen when you press the Login Button, a pop-up emerges with this error and then the page is redirected to WordPress Login Page. If you enter the Login Details on this WordPress Login page then you can easily log into your account.

This looks highly unprofessional and doesn’t leave a good impression, when your customer has to first give his login details once and then there is an error and after that he or she has to enter the login credentials again.

Error: Image Code is Incorrect! Try Again! - WooCommerce Customer Account Login
Error: Image Code is Incorrect! Try Again! – When Logging through WooCommerce Customer Account Login on the E-Store

The error occurs when you try and login from both the “My Account page” and the “Checkout Page”. No matter what you try this error never goes away. You can try from your Phone or Tablet or Laptop, this error will always emerge when you or the customer logins from your e-store.

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Although the second page lets you login to your account but it doesn’t look good and gives a bad impression to the customer.

I did a lot of research but couldn’t come up with a solution to this problem. Almost all the webpages that I looked up were giving solutions to the problems faced when you are uploading images to your WordPress Website. I checked the Forums as well, but to no avail.

There were few threads that suggested to deactivate the Caching Plugins but that didn’t work either. Some suggested to alter or delete the .htaccess file but even that didn’t work. Some suggested there must be some Permission issues but altering that also didn’t work.

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In order to rectify the issue I had to try and figure out the root cause of the problem. So I decided to deactivate the plugins one by one. This way I could isolate the Plugin which was causing the issue.  Except WooCommerce I decided to turn off all the plugins.

To my surprise when I deactivated all plugins other than WooCommerce, the problem didn’t come when I went to Login from both the pages and from any device that I tried. So I reactivated each plugin one by one to see which one was causing the issue.

I found out that the plugin that was causing the issue was a plugin that came with the installation of WordPress namely “Login on Captcha”.

Apparently “Login on Captcha” was messing up with the login system when used through the website. The Image that the error was suggesting was actually the image through which we verify that we are human and that image verification was not showing on the “My Account” and the “Checkout” Pages and because we couldn’t verify that we are humans on that screen, the plugin then took us to the WordPress Login Page on which we can actually provide the human being verification.

Disabling the “Login on Captcha” Plugin solved the problem but it created another problem.

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“Login on Captcha” is an important plugin that keeps your website safe from Brute Force Login attacks or from automatic Hacking attempts by providing an image verification option, through which we can verify that we are humans. In a way it acts as a security guard that keeps all the bad attempts away from our website and keeps it safe.

Disabling or deactivating the “Login on Captcha” Plugin on one hand solves your problem but on the other hand makes your website or e-store susceptible to hacking attempts and software attacks.

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In order to solve this problem, we need another plugin that does similar work and keeps out the bad guys from entering our website. For this we need to install and activate the ‘Login No Captcha reCAPTCHA (Google)‘ Plugin.

To install the Plugin, you need to do the following:

  • Go your Website’s WordPress Dashboard.
  • Click on Plugins and then on Add New.
  • Search for the Login No Captcha reCAPTCHA (Google) plugin.
  • Click on Install and wait for the installation to be completed.
  • Once done, click on Activate to activate the plugin.
  • Now go to the plugin’s settings by going to Installed Plugins and then clicking on the settings link under the Login No Captcha reCAPTCHA (Google) plugin.
  • The Service is free and installation is easy. Follow the on screen instructions to setup the plugin.
  • That’s it! you are done.

When you are done with the setup for Login No Captcha reCAPTCHA (Google) plugin. It serves the same purpose as “Login on Captcha” plugin and saves your website from the bad guys and hacking attempts.

Verification Required on WordPress Login Page
Verification Required on WordPress Login Page

After Clicking the I’m not a robot checkbox, you will see following Pop-up.

Verification example
Verify that you are Human by passing this easy test

The work done by the plugin is same as the one we previously deactivated. It shows a verification pop up that needs to be solved in order to login to the website. Not only will it show this verification on the WordPress Login Screen but also when the Admin or the Customer Logins from the E-store My Account or the Checkout Page.

My Account Page will show the verification
My Account Page will show the verification test that needs to be passed to proceed further
Verification required on Checkout Page of your E-Commerce Store - Notice that the image code is incorrect woocommerce customer login error will not come after this step
Verification required on Checkout Page of your E-Commerce Store

Verification Test from the Website - Notice that the image code is incorrect woocommerce customer login error will not come after this step
Verification Test from the Website

So, by installing this plugin you are losing nothing and removing the error at the same time.


The Image Code is Incorrect WooCommerce Customer Login Error is difficult to solve. I found the solution the hard way as I couldn’t find it on the web. The solution has worked like a charm for me.

The problem was that the Login on Captcha plugin was interfering with the login system from the website. Hence the error was constantly coming. But once I deactivated it and installed a similar one I not only removed the error but didnt lose any of the security essentials for my website.

I hope it works for you. Let me know if it works for you by commenting below.

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