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Ever encountered the error “Video not available in your country” or “Content not available in your location“? Your favorite TV Show or Movie is not available for your Region? Believe it or not this is a rather common problem and can be a bit frustrating at times.

BBC iPlayer only works in UK - Error
You might get an error like this if the content is geographically restricted

The likes of BBC iPlayer have location restriction where you can only watch their content if you are in the UK .


How to watch videos not available in your country
Error – This video is not available in your location

Many a times we want to watch a TV Show or a Movie on a streaming service like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or HBO etc. but we cannot find that particular TV Series or Movie when we log onto their website. That is because that TV show or Movie is not available for our region but is available for some other region. Some websites also have this problem where you are unable to watch the videos because it is not available in your country.


Ever wondered how you can get over this error and stream the same Video Content / TV Series / Movie from the same place? Fortunately the problem is not as severe and answer to this problem is rather easy to find.

If you have had the inconvenience of getting stuck at this problem then worry not, the solution is not that difficult. You don’t have to go to that particular country to watch or stream that video, rather you can make the website from which you are streaming think that you are in the country where the video is available.

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If you do a quick google search on the problem, you will get a lot of results pointing you towards the use of:

  • Virtual Private Networks (Also known as VPN)
  • Proxy Websites


By far the best and the safest way is to use a VPN service. Before diving into how to use VPN we should first get a gist of what actually is a VPN.


In layman’s terms, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a connection to a private network that you can use to access the public network (Internet).

In short, your computer will connect to a private network virtually and from there you can use the internet. The websites you will browse will think that you are from that Private Network’s location and open up all the content that was not allowed in your country, whereas you are sitting in your home at the same place.

This is how VPN works
This is how VPN works

For example, lets say you are from “Country A” and you want to watch or access the videos that are not available for your country but are available in “Country B”. You will then connect to the VPN with a server located in Country B virtually, while sitting in Country A. After connecting to the VPN you will then be able to access the unavailable content as the website you are browsing will think that you are located in Country B because your IP address will show your location as from Country B. That way you will be able to bypass the location restrictions and watch the videos that were not available for your country.

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Use of VPN is not that difficult. Following is the procedure:

  • Go to this Link and Click Join Now.
  • Choose Product Group. There are four options. Each with different plans and benefits that you can choose from depending on your usage.
  • There is a 7 days Free Trial. So, if you are unsure about anything you can just cancel the subscription and get your money back, no questions asked.
  • Once you have selected the Product Group and Plan. Next you will have to select the billing cycle. Choose from one of the 5 options available. The bigger the cycle the more discount you will get.
  • After that, choose an Addon if you want to add some additional service. If you don’t want any additional addon then just leave the option as it is.
  • The Next option will be for a Dedicated IP address, which in your case if it is only for watching videos then you don’t need.
  • After that enter your Personal and billing details to finalize the purchase.
  • Once you are done purchasing, just download and install the software / app and connect it to any server in 50+ countries to unlock the content that was unavailable to you before.


Some countries have banned the use of VPN and have a penalty and other legal implications. So it is always best to first check the legalities of the country you are using the internet from.

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Merits of using a VPN out weighs the demerits. Following are the advantages of using a VPN:

  • Apart from the obvious that it will let you access the content that was unavailable to you because of location or country restrictions. It will keep your internet activity private and keep your connection safe and secure.
  • You will be safe from Identity theft.
  • Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will not be able to rigorously monitor your internet activities. They will be kept private.
  • Your Personal Privacy on the internet will be safe and secure.
  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee. If after using you don’t like anything you can just ask for a refund within 7 Days of Purchase and you will get a full refund without any questions asked.
  • You can use this VPN on almost any device and hence each and every device of yours will be protected from any malicious intent towards your online privacy.

Watching Video - Watch Videos not available in your country
You can use VPN to unlock the restricted contentWatch videos not available in your Country

Next we will discuss the other method to bypass the location restriction. Using Proxy Websites to watch videos not available in your country.


Proxy Websites can be used to bypass the location restrictions but the problem with the usage of Proxy Websites is that they are not that user friendly and can have loads of ads or might not work properly for you or some of the famous ones might have been already banned by your country. But people use them sometimes to watch the videos that are not available in their country.

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Following is the procedure for using Proxy Websites for unlocking the restricted content.

  • Google “Proxy Websites” and open up the top 3-4 results. One of them might work for you.
  • On the proxy website page there will be an option to give the link of the website you want to unblock.
  • Paste the link of the website you want to unlock and click on Surf or Go.
  • That’s it! if it works for you then great, but unfortunately most of the time it will not work. Hence you will have to use the VPN method.


Biggest advantage of using Proxy Websites is that it is free and if it works for you then great but keep in mind that if you are giving your login credentials for websites where you have subscribed then those User ID’s and Passwords are at risk of getting stolen as the Proxy Websites can read what goes through their websites. Hence, rather then securing your online privacy you might be at risk of a leak.

Furthermore, you might be exposed to loads of unwanted ads which can be a bit frustrating.


These days everyone wants to have access to all sorts of information and it gets irritating when something you want is not available for you only because you reside in one part of the world whereas that information or content is available for another part of the world.

Bypassing the location restriction is not uncommon and can be done through the use of VPN which is by far the safest option to use. If you have the choice of using a VPN or Proxy Website then you should always consider using VPN as it has more advantages then disadvantages. Whereas, using a Proxy Website has more disadvantages then advantages.

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